12 Important Needed Equipment for Indoor Volleyball!

Important Needed Equipment for Indoor Volleyball

Many beginners and amateur players get a little intimidated by the required gear for indoor volleyball. Indeed, they usually don’t know what is actually necessary and what you could pass on …

Good news is that the equipment you need is pretty minimal to get started!

Anyways, in this short article, I breakdown most used volleyball gear; you won’t need most as of them right now, but it is a good thing to be aware of them and know their utility.

1. Ball

how to become a professional volleyball player.

Most basic and important element obviously; Sport wouldn’t be possible without it. It is mainly used out of leather, most of them are synthetic but some of them are real leather.

Just make sure the ball is light weight and soft (Check this quality example Here)

2. Knee Pads

volleyball knee pads

Knee pads protect the knee, patella, and the surrounding ligaments and muscles. Without them, there is an increased likelihood of knee hyperextension during intense game.

With high quality knee pads, you can really perform at the best of your abilities, simply because you will be much less worried about having your knees hurt.

In volleyball, knees usually get hurt in situations like diving or even blocking/spiking when you land on the ground after a high jump.

Quick Tip: Most knee pads are based on foaming, but I personally prefer & recommend using those based on Protective GEL, since foaming gets deteriorated over time. For example, these quality volleyball knee pads are base of protective GEL.

You can also learn how to properly wear volleyball knee pads!

3. Arm sleeves

why does volleyball hurt your arm

Arm sleeves play the same role as knee pads, but for your arms and elbow. Most vulnerable body part in volleyball are the arms, because they are the most involved in all moves. They usually get sore after intense games or practice sessions …

Arm sleeves will significantly help reduce this negative effect, and promote your strength and confidence while playing!

You can learn more about the importance of arm sleeves in volleyball!

4. Volleyball shoes

are volleyball shoes worth it

Volleyball shoes are more important than what you might think! They are not like any other type of sport shoes (like sneakers, or running shoes …). Instead they are specifically made for the nature of the sport and the ground it is played in …

In fact, most volleyball moves require a reliable grip to be executed properly with minimum risk. This is what is mainly offered by volley shoes as they are usually made out of gum rubber that ensures such a solid grip.

Quick Tip: While choosing volleyball shoes, try also to focus on ankle protection. Not all shoes offer ankle protection which is also important when jumping and landing to protect your ankle from possible injuries. For example, these quality volleyball shoes offer such protection.

5. Volleyball clothing


Standard T-shirts are good for playing volleyball. If you belong to a high school or junior high school team, this is a good option for volleyball practice and scrimmage games.

Make sure all standard T-shirts are comfortable, loose and not too tight.

On a side note, you can have a look at those tips to choose the right volleyball shirt number, in case you haven’t chosen it yet!

Sports Bra

This is mainly for women, yet it is used by some men too. It gives a nice sense of support that promotes your overall performance.

To make sure the feeling and support is right, pay attention by picking the right size.

Don’t forget that volleyball is a sport where you are going to sweat a lot. That’s why this gear should definitely be made out of breathable fabric.

Shorts or Pants

Some players prefer shorts, other pants. So, this should be up to your preference. However, it is worth saying that pants are probably not the best choice for better movement freedom.

You can learn about other volleyball clothing!

6. Ankle braces

If you’ve got an old ankle brace injury or if your volleyball shoes don’t offer enough ankle support, then using ankle braces is a good & even highly recommended option …

Again, ankle injuries are quite common in volleyball and are very nasty when they happen. That’s why I highly recommend doing what it takes to protect your beloved ankles from any unnecessary injury.

Keep in mind that you should always keep your ankle braces clean!

7. Backpacks

They are ideal for players who need more space for larger gear. A backpack is a great option to keep all your items organized and safe while providing an easy way to carry them with a shoulder strap.

Ball bags are ideal for carrying and storing volleyball.

8. Ball Hammock

Volleyball hammocks are used to hold unused volleyball. While it’s great for players to buy during training in their spare time, ball hammocks are better suited for coaches to buy for organized teams.

9. Finger tape

Why Most Volleyball Players Tape their Fingers

Wrap sports tape or elastic compression tape (which helps reduce swelling) around the base of your fingers.

Do this about 3-4 times to add strength and security. Wrap additional tape between the knuckles to further protect the healing finger.

You can learn more about how to properly tape your fingers for volleyball!

10. Serving machine

Volleyball serving machines are volleyball machines used in individual and team practice. This device can be used to train server receive, capture, and spike techniques.

The service machine can duplicate the types of shots a player may encounter during a scrimmage or match.

11. Serve trainer

It is a great option for beginners who are struggling with their serving technique. It will allow them to have more time practicing their serving techniques even at the comfort of their home without being too much worried about breaking something …

Here the ball is usually attached to a strap & help by an elastic cord. You can also use it to practice other volleyball moves like spiking.

12. Net & Poles

store volleyball net

The official volleyball net is 32 feet long and 39 inches high. For men’s volleyball, the net should be 8 feet off the ground, while for women’s volleyball, the net should be 7 feet  4 inches off the ground.

The main purpose of a volleyball net is to separate both sides of the court and show the height above the ground required to play a volleyball shot.

A typical volleyball net pole is 10.5 feet to 16 feet high. They are usually made from steel or aluminum with the idea that the bar can withstand the stress and tension experienced during  a volleyball game.

Finally, I would like to invite you to learn about these tips to properly store a volleyball Net! And also to check this useful guide to install a volleyball net! You will find these resources very interesting …

Final Thoughts …

Again, you don’t need to have all these equipment to get started. A ball, volley shoes and knee pads are more than enough to start you volleyball journey …

However, overtime as you evolve in the sport, I highly recommend that you invest in other protection gear like arm sleeves, shoulder tapes, finger tapes as well as other protection equipment.

Finally, I highly invite you to learn about how much it is to play volleyball! This also includes the club fees as well as other fees …

Carissa Harmer

Carissa Harmer has over 6 years of volleyball experience between playing the sport at a semi-professional level, following the biggest volleyball teams & leagues out there as well as helping beginners to get started on the right path.

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