How to Store a Volleyball Net? (Explained and Solved)

store volleyball net

If you own a volleyball net then you are probably struggling a little bit to fold it and most importantly to properly store it in a safe place …

The good news is, this is actually quite easy as there are several ways to do it, depending on what type of volley net you’ve got and how much storage space is available.

In this article, I breakdown the most effective ways to store your net …

How to properly fold volleyball net?

When folding a net up, the first step is to clip the net fastenings at either end to the frame of the net itself. This helps ensure that they do not get tangled up, and that there are no loose ends trailing.

The net should then be folded in half, length-wise, taking care to straighten-up to make sure that there is no slack left in it.

This step should be repeated so that it is now a quarter of its size when fully extended.

The next step is to get a cardboard tube which should slighter longer than the height of the net. Position this so that the net is in the middle of the tube, with the same distance protruding from either side.

Then roll-up the net around the tube, folding it as tight as possible without scrunching it up too tightly.

Most nets are sold with a carrycase (Check this example), so, once folded, the net can be picked up and stored lengthwise in the case. The bag should then be zipped up protect the net and stop moisture getting to it.

If no tube is available, then the net can be folded over several times more until it is of a manageable size to be picked up and then stored way. It is important though to ensure that all the edges are aligned and kept straight as this will make it easier to unfurl and erect next time it is needed.

Do not attempt to fold the net the other way because this will introduce wrinkles in the middle of the material which will be difficult to get out again, no matter how it is hung.

How to properly store your volleyball net?

Having ensured that the volleyball net has been properly folded-up then the next step is to transport it to where it needs to be stored …

While it can be carried loose – if this is the case then care should be taken to ensure that it does not get crumpled – many nets come with their own handy carry case.

The Net should not be left overnight in sports bags or in the trunks of cars. They are likely to get dirty and will start to smell, and there is the risk that they may get damaged if something is put on top of them.

Instead, they should be kept safe and secure in a dry protected place ready for the next time that it comes to use it. Damp places should be avoided, because moisture can affect the quality of the netting itself, and also cause it to smell afterwards.

One suggestion is to keep the net in a secure, labelled plastic storage bin. Another is to use one of the multi-purpose wire mesh storage bags which are available from most major retailers. They have the added advantage that the net can then be hung on a hook without taking up much space.

Recommendation: foldable volleyball net …

I highly recommend this foldable volleyball net (Check it Here at Amazon) which is official standard size for indoor games, but can also be used outside for training sessions and on the beach as well.

One of its biggest features is its portability – it is lightweight and can be taken anywhere without taking up too much space, when folded …

This means it can be easily transported in the boot of a car and then carried to where the game will take place. When installed it is 9.5 metres long by 1 metre high. The height of the net can be adjusted depending on the age, sex, and skill level of the players.

It is made from high tensile weather resistant polyethylene. This means it is suitable for a wide range of meteorological conditions and intense play, whether in an indoors or outdoors environment.

Finally, I highly invite you to learn about this step-by-step guide to install volleyball net!

When should you store your volleyball net?

In most cases, it is best to detach a volleyball net after each game and store it away. This helps protect the net and, if the right design and model is chosen, it takes no more than five minutes to take a net down and then out it back up again.

Most nets that can be bought commercially nowadays are designed to be foldable anyway, so it would be in line with the manufacturers’ recommendations to store after use.

A volleyball net could be left standing if the weather conditions are benign and no fierce winds or rain are expected. However, even on a beach, the sun and sand could impact its durability, so the best advice again is to take it down when not in use.

One minor exception to this rule is that it may be a good idea to let the net air out after a particularly intense game. Even though players are not supposed to touch the net, it is inevitable that those playing in the front line will make contact with it during a match.

Sweat and perspiration may thus be transplanted on it, which can make the net smell if not given a chance to dry out before storage.

Mistakes you should avoid …

The first mistake is not to tie down the net fasteners to the net itself. This come with the risk of getting all tangled-up, which may not only reduce the compactness of the surge, but could also potentially be hazard because somebody could trip over them.

(By the way, I highly invite you to have a look at these common volleyball net issues with fixing tips!)

It is important when folding the net lengthwise to straighten up after every fold. Uneven edges mean that the net again will assume more space than needed when packed away, and, if it is to be stored in a specially designed carry case, may not fit without being crammed into the space available.

This will damage the long-term durability of the net, and may cause some of the materials to fray.

Another mistake is to try and fold the net the other way – width wise, not lengthwise.

Nets are not meant to be folded in this way and again it can undermine the integrity of the materials.

Always make sure that a net is dry before folding away and storing.

Consideration should also be given as to where the net is stored when not in used. It should be easily accessible and not kept in conditions where it is liable to get damaged in any way. Keep out of the range of small children and animals.

Some may argue that the biggest error that people can make is not to take down a net because they cannot be bothered or are too tired. Whilst this can be understandable after a long game, if done properly, it can only take five minutes to put a net and then take it down again.

That is a small expenditure of time compared to the hassle of coming back next day only to find that the net has been damaged in some way overnight.

Final Thoughts …

For people who don’t have a net carrycase, there is one important mistake you should really avoid is trying to fold the net by forcing it to compress more than it actually can support and even to try storing it in a very small storage space where it can’t really fit …

This would definitely damage your net overtime!

Finally, I highly invite you to check the complete volleyball equipment list, I think you will find it very useful!

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