Can Volleyball Help Me Grow Taller Over Time? (Explained)

can volleyball help me grow taller

Volleyball is one of those sports that are associated with height. In other words, most volleyball players are really tall. In addition, many people believe that volleyball help you grow taller over time. But, how accurate is this claim …

There are a number of studies that suggest there is a strong correlation between playing sports like volleyball and growing taller. Some sport experts explain this correlation by the stimulation of the pituitary glands and the growth plates in the long bones of the body. 

In this article, I breakdown how volleyball could help stimulate your height over time. I even suggest some tips and drills that would help stimulate this effect even further.

Reasons why volleyball can potentially help you grow taller …

The key element here is Jumping!

Indeed, jumping boosts the supply of nutrients and oxygen through the bloodstream, which stimulates the growth plates. Consequently, they produce more bone tissue, a necessary prerequisite for growth. And, inevitably, the more jumps performed, the more bone tissue provided by the growth plates.

This means that regular playing of such sports that require lot of jumping like volleyball, will help stimulate growing taller even if you are quite well over your twenties.

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Another reason is that the jumping involved in volleyball can make the bones stronger. In other words, It strengthens both new and old bone tissue, and stops them from losing density, something that can cause them to shrink and become weaker at the same time.

It should also be noted that playing volleyball can improve the posture, which can help increase the illusion of added height. The sport encourages people to stand straighter, and to use their natural height to stretch and reach for balls.

That is contrary to the natural tendency of many people to hunch their shoulders and to stop. Good posture is associated with a range of other physical benefits including reduced lower back pain, fewer headaches, and increased energy levels.

Is this the same for both genders?

The evidence that playing volleyball holds for both men and women, because he pituitary gland is common to both sexes!

The only difference is the age when a person can expect to reach their full height, even if they play sports like volleyball on a regular basis.

Because girls tend to peak at 14 when it comes to growth, and boy’s 16, it logically follows that any added inches will also occur earlier in young women than men.

However, whether male or female, the health advantages of improved posture can be enjoyed by almost anybody, regardless of age, gender or physical body shape.

Volleyball drills to help you grow taller …

There are specific drills that can be done which will stimulate growth height.

One is to practice attacking, or smashing the ball …

Attacking usually means sending the ball over the net to the opponent’s court, and the higher an attacker can get, the better angle they can get on the ball and trajectory.

Part of the skill lies in approaching the net correctly, so a player should first practice without a ball, just using the net to jump, visualising the position of the ball.

They then need to consider their approach to the ball, lifting their preferred hand to strike it, curving the hand into the shape of the ball.

Players also need to be concentrating on their spring, and the push that they get from their legs – the higher they get, the more power will be generated. And the higher a player jumps and the more often they practice this manoeuvre, the taller they can become.

Another drill that involves jumping is the block

A block is a defensive move that prevents the ball which has been struck by an opponent from touching the court. A block can be undertaken by one player or several together,

A drill should focus not only on jumping high enough, but practising the right technique so that the ball strikes the hands and fall back on the other side of the court.

Some argue that blocking is one of the hardest volleyball skills to learn, and poor technique can often result in bruised or even broken fingers.

To practice this skill, have somebody stand on the other side of the net and get players to jump and reach for it …

When catching the ball, the hands and arms should be stretched out over the net.

It is worth mentioning that Volleyball Net’s Hights is one of the reasons that help players grow taller in general!

Best Volleyball position to help increase your height

One of the best positions to help you grow taller is the middle blocker, who is mostly responsible for preventing the opposition’s hitter from scoring.

A middle blocker will normally be amongst the tallest players on a team anyway, but the position, which requires frequent jumping to the height of the net and above, helps stimulate growth anyway.

They also need to be flexible and to change direction quickly, sometimes to act as a decoy to confuse the blockers on the other team. They must have particularly good lateral movement and quick arm swings, but they are not often required to play in the back line, as this obviates some of their principal strengths.

Another position lending itself to growth is outside hitter, who may be responsible for a significant amount of the scoring for a team.

Often the outside hitter may be the only offensive option that a team has, but the key to success in the position is the ability to get above the ball at the net and direct it downwards.

That means that a player has to possess a good natural jump, and the ability to stay in the air as long as possible.

You can learn more about these volleyball positions that are adapted for taller players!

How often should you practice for such a purpose?

While professional volleyball players will practice every day, for the ordinary player most experts agree that the optimum is to play or five times a week to get good at the sport and to hone their playing styles. Like all forms of exercise, the more you do it, the better the health and fitness benefits.

There are caveats to this though. If the muscles and joints constantly ache after playing volleyball, then it is probably time to take a rest for a few days or to decrease the frequency to playing.

And some doctors warn that playing volleyball for the sake of stimulating the pituitary gland for the purpose of seeing an increase in height can come with unintended consequences.

This is because it can weaken the immune system, and undermine the body’s resistance to bacteria and viruses, increasing the risk of infections and longer-term illnesses.

Best age to start for maximum results!

Volleyball is a sport that requires a lot of physical strength, and it is not suitable for young children. The best age to start is when they are well over ten and beginning to approach puberty.

This has been referred to as the “golden age” when it comes to height growth, so there is a synergy with what will be occurring naturally in children’s bodies.

At the same time, because of the natural slowing down process that occurs as people grow older, the later in life people start to play volleyball, the less effect they can expect it to have on their height.

The pituitary gland produces less and less growth hormones as people get into their twenties and beyond, and no amount of playing volleyball or other sports can help.

Other sports that can help you to grow taller …

Volleyball is not the only sport that can help people grow taller. Here are some other examples.


Basketball shares many of the characteristics of volleyball as it involves a combination of jumping and throwing which helps stimulate growth hormones.


As jumping is an integral part of this sport, the natural stretching it involves can help almost anybody add an extra inch or two to their height.


Swimming is not only good all-round exercise, but it helps stimulate bone growth and development. Keep in mind that swmming could be good for volleyball in some cases!


Like swimming, cycling is not only a good aerobic exercise, but, by adjusting the height of the pedals can become stretched. Keep in mind that biking could be good for volleyball in some cases!


This involves regular stretching of the body and extension of the limbs, all of which can help lead to a growth in height.

Final Thoughts …

Volleyball is a sport where height matters! That’s why, if you didn’t reach your twenties just yet or if you are in your early twenties, then a sport like volleyball can really help you grow taller if you stick to it long enough.

However, if you have past that, then I don’t want you to expect much in terms of height increase. Yet, since your posture will become straighter, this will make others perceive you taller even if it is not really the case.

Carissa Harmer

Carissa Harmer has over 6 years of volleyball experience between playing the sport at a semi-professional level, following the biggest volleyball teams & leagues out there as well as helping beginners to get started on the right path.

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