What Volleyball Shoes do the Pros Wear? (With Examples)

what volleyball shoes do the pros wear

To be a volleyball pro you will need to already be doing a lot of what the pros are doing in their training, work ethic and things they invest in …

In this article, I am going to focus more on the gear part, especially the pro shoes. Indeed, many amateurs are very interested in using pro volleyball shoes in their training sessions and games …

Actually, this is a good thing because these shoes will have a positive effect on their overall performance.

Without further ado, let’s breakdown what pro shoes look like!

What are the main characteristics of pro volleyball shoes?

Support, stability, comfort, soles, and weight are the five essential characteristics to look for while selecting your professional volleyball shoes:

Important Note: Not every volleyball shoe has these characteristics all combined even if they are labelled or marketed as being professional. For example, these quality shoes have pretty much all these features and more that you can actually rely on.

1. Support

In order to avoid twisting the ankle during side-cut movements and landing, the outsole should, first and foremost, have rounded edges.

2. Stability

Stability is crucial because of all the quick movements being made in different directions. To prevent twisting your ankles when landing, you’ll need shoes that offer strong ankle support.

3. Comfort

When players feel comfortable, they perform naturally better, which is why choosing the proper amount of comfort and breathability is important.

Shoes with too much cushioning will absorb energy, while one with too little cushioning will cause the player to tire out too quickly from discomfort. You’ll be able to play the entire game with a level of cushioning that is balanced.

4. Soles

In reality, the soles of a volleyball shoe constitute the majority of the whole shoe. The soles of most volleyball shoes are made of gum rubber. A smooth, polished wooden floor is what volleyball players play on while making numerous fast cuts, beginning and stopping frequently. Gum rubber soles will provide you with the finest traction possible.

5. Weight

You should also use volleyball shoes that are light so that you can move around the court rapidly for multiple games in a row.

Lightweight footwear also helps in achieving the proper height when jumping. Volleyball shoes for men should weigh between 300 and 400 grams.

The optimal weight range for women’s volleyball shoes is 200–300 grams.

What shoe brand do pro volleyball players use?


A very well-known brand that has started in the 70s with running & jogging shoes. They’ve soon become more active when it comes to performance-running gear which also includes volleyball shoes …

The latter did benefit from the ASIC’s GEL technology which provide unrealistic lasting comfort (Check an ASIC shoe example Here at Amazon)


This brand focused on volleyball shoes from the beginning in the 90s and they started by producing mainly men shoes. They produce not only pro shoes, but also amateur ones that hobbyists can use.

This brand is definitely one of the most if not the most popular in the market. They are more known for their technologies that help reducing stress on the feet which protects them against injuries. Their technologies simply consist in a smart distribution of impact across a larger surface area.

For more, I highly invite you to learn other important criteria to pick the right volleyball shoes.

What shoes do USA players wear?

One of the shoes I notice a lot of volleyball players wear are Adidas Harden shoes. By combining power with excellent ball handling to overcome defenders, Harden established himself as a superstar.

He instantly became a fan favorite after each all-out effort on the floor thanks to his rapid crossover dribble and devastating step back.

James Harden’s signature sneakers are only fitting since they have vibrant accents that set them apart and make them instantly recognizable as his.

In whatever color, the polka-dot pattern on the James Harden Vol. 5 shoes shines out.

They are designed for speed, allowing you to reverse course instantly to escape your defender.

The asymmetrical design of the James Harden Vol. 6 shoes has bands on the forefoot and heel to help you feel locked down.

His kicks are created expressly to complement his distinctive playing style, allowing you to drive with assurance and display your movements on the court. They are basketball shoes, bat we can see them often on the volleyball players’ feet.

Can pro players use cheap volleyball shoes?

I think it depends on the person more than the professionalism. Some players find expensive shoes much more uncomfortable than the cheaper ones.

While picking volleyball shoes, it is important to look if it can fit your position on the court.

Some players can get used to one pair of shoes and don’t want to change them because they do not believe they can find another pair that is a good fit.

Some volleyball players have different shoes for practice and games.

That is a common thing for pro players because they also have a lot more shoes than amateur players.

How durable should pro volleyball shoes be?

To prevent the upper from wearing out too soon, volleyball shoes need to be reinforced in the appropriate places. An extremely durable top and a sturdy outsole are closely related to durability.

Durability is very important especially for defensive players. After longer use, additional padding keeps the shoe from tearing. Additionally, special materials encourage shock absorption, which can provide decent stability when landing. A shoe should last longer if you play volleyball more regularly.

A high-quality volleyball shoe should, under normal circumstances, last at least a complete season of 4-5 games each week.

Are pro volleyball shoes similar for both men and women?

No they are not, the color is the difference that stands out the most. Pink and other colors that men typically find unattractive are typically not available in men’s shoes.

Women’s shoes come in lighter colors like pink, purple, yellow, while for men they are plain colors usually

The size is another factor. Shoes made for male players start at higher sizes and progress up to them since men’s feet are typically bigger than women’s feet.

Last but not least, men’s shoes might eventually be made to be more durable. Everything about the men’s game is a little bit more aggressive, a little bit faster, and a little bit intense. As a result, the shoes must be able to endure the increased pressure that comes with each play.

Women also have a wider selection of shoes to choose from. Not to generalize too much here, but volleyball is played more by women than men.

So, brands like Mizuno and ASICS follow the money and spend more time and money designing shoes for women. What this also means is women have a wider selection of shoes to choose from.

Final Thoughts …

If your budget is limited or something like that and you don’t feel confident about being able to buy pro volley shoes for the time being, then there is nothing wrong with that …

You can get started with whatever you have and you’ll do just fine!

However, keep in mind that whenever you’ve got some money to invest in volleyball gear, then the first thing you should invest in are quality shoes. Simply because these have a solid correlation with your overall performance.

Hope this post was helpful for you!!

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