Upgrade Your Volleyball Shoes: Tips for Customization

Customize Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball shoes are obviously a crucial element for the player performance, yet it is also an important tool to express personality, style and even identity …

In this article I help you to customize your volley shoes by sharing several tips and ideas to do so. Not only by choosing colors, but also by adding some personal touches that would make them completely different!

Hopefully this article will give you a sort of blueprint on how to make your shoes completely unique.

Key Takeaways

  • You can customize your shoes by playing with its design, the fit adjustment as well as the used colors.
  • Some major manufacturers and boutiques services can offer these kinds of customizations. However, you can still do so using some DIY methods.
  • Don’t sleep on safety and performance while customizing. Indeed, this could in some cases alter ankle stability or sole grip. Thus, causing unnecessary injuries.

Possible customizations to do on volleyball shoes …

An obvious and important customization part and the color choice! Indeed, most shoes are sold in a range of standard colors, yet there is the option to be more creative, and to opt for something from the more extremes of the palette.

Alternatively, you can mix and match colors according to your personal.

There is also the possibility to choose the design of shoes, with the stars, stripes or fancy patterns popular choices, or lightning bolts to depict speed.

Also, team logos, initials of themselves or family members, or significant dates can be added.

Others may choose more cosmetic options by accessorizing their shoes with different colored laces, as one possibility.

Important Tip: Not all shoes could be easily customized. It is better to pick white shoes that already have a form that can handle of sorts of accessories and possible things you would love to add to them. For example, these quality volleyball shoes have all criteria that makes them easily customizable!

Before embracing this idea, it is important to remember the main function of shoes for a volleyball player. They are there to provide traction and grip in the court and must be able to offer the solidity and support to the foot and ankle area. Anything that compromises the safety aspect of shoes worn should be avoided at all costs.

Not all customization is for aesthetic reasons either. Although most volleyball shoes are sold in standard sizes, it is possible to find outlets that will custom fit shoes to the width and length of individual feet, ensuring a much more comfortable fit, and generally better support to the foot.

Obviously, these will cost more than standard shoes, but, if well made, could last longer.

Where can you customize volleyball shoes?

Although the major sportswear manufacturers offer customers the chance to choose & customize their shoes, usually from a range of pre-set options …

Customers, for example, can choose from a range of colors and materials, then can have the midsoles and uppers personalized, and have the soles and other parts of the shoe customized to their taste.

Naturally this comes at a price of course and will cost quite a bit more than just buying the shoe out of the box.

There are also a number of boutique operators who can take standard pair of volleyball shoes, and customize them according to the whims of the individual. Typing in volleyball or sport shoes customization gives lots of options from which to choose.

The advantage of going down this approach is that these companies tend to be cheaper than the major brand manufacturers, and also they will offer a greater range of personalization options.

The downside is the questionable legality of this practice. One California company offering such a service is currently being sued by Nike who are alleging trademark and copyright infringement. However, if any laws are being infringed, it Is the operator who is at fault, not the customer themselves.

And some of the simpler customizations can be done at home by those with a creative or artistic bent.

Can you do shoes customizations yourself?

Within limits, it is perfectly possible to do some customization of volleyball shoes at home, and without spending a good deal of money either.

For example, using permanent or fabric markers, doodles can be added such as somebody’s name, nickname or initials or swirls, shapes or symbols. Those worrying about making mistakes might want to sketch out their design in pencil first.

Another option is to add some enhancements to the front toe area, using super glue or any industrial strength adhesive.

Possible customization ideas include adding a pendant, brooch or rhinestones to help give the shoes a distinctive appearance.

An easy way to differentiate them is to change plain laces for something altogether jazzier. Black, for example, stands out well against white shoes, whilst some players prefer multi-color hues.

Others might want to go further and repaint the entire shoe, suing materials such as acrylic paint, paint brushes and marker pens…

Make sure than any areas that are not to be painted are covered up first, and that shoes are allowed to dry before they are worn again.

It is also best to make sure that the material from which the shoes are made does not react adversely to whatever products are applied to it, as it can be expensive if they have to be replaced.

Where to get volley shoes customization inspirations/ideas?

First of all, friends and family can be a good source of ideas, especially if they play or follow the sport themselves.

And others may choose to follow the example of famous players and hope that if they have shoes of the same design or color, then some of their talent may rob off on them.

Most of the leading brand shoe manufacturers offer customers the chance to design their own shoes to a certain extent, using a configurator tool Online they can choose from a range of colors, patterns, designs and materials, and then can view them to see what the finished version will look like.

There are also individual companies whose business is principally shoe customization. Again, they will often use a configurator product, but they may also be able to offer a more tailored approach online or in person.

Last, but certainly not least, try the interest. Image sharing sites like Pinterest will give plenty of ideas, and so will social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Is it a good idea to customize old volleyball shoes?

If the shoes are in a poor shape, it could render them unsafe, because it might undermine their fundamental stability, making them unsafe to wear, either not able to provide the stability needed around the ankle area, or making them liable to slip on the court.

Keep in mind: There are also, perhaps, legal implications for some customization. Nike, for example, are just one brand manufacturer who have filed suit against customization companies, alleging violation of trademark and copyright laws.

Can some customizations damage volleyball shoes?

Most sports shoes are made of fabric and adhesives which can be damaged if they are exposed to too much wear and tear, even through normal use.

Any customization that involves any cutting into the shoes themselves should be avoided, particularly around the top of the shoe.

Volleyball shoes are specially designed to provide stability to the ankle, because of the amount of jumping and moving from side to side involved in the sport.  Anything that undermines this stability is inherently a bad idea.

Equally, any modification to the soles of the shoes is not to be recommended. They are normally ribbed or grooved which enables the shoe to grip the court without slipping, and customization of them could significantly increase the risk of a fall, and, potentially, injury.

And it should also be remembered that some of the materials involved in customization like acrylic paints can be toxic.

Not only is this potentially harmful to health If not handled correctly, but it can also cause long-term damage to the shoes themselves.

Final Thoughts …

To sum up, nobody can say that customizing your volleyball shoes is a bad idea, as it is a great way for you to express your personality and personal preferences and even your identity.

By choosing the right combination of colors and by adding your personal touch you can definitely make your shoes completely unique.

However, never let this be prioritized over the most important things that are obviously comfort, support and overall safety.

Finally, I highly invite you to learn more about the critical utilities of volleyball shoes … I think you will find that very useful!

Carissa Harmer

Carissa Harmer has over 6 years of volleyball experience between playing the sport at a semi-professional level, following the biggest volleyball teams & leagues out there as well as helping beginners to get started on the right path.

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