How Long Do Volleyball Shoes Last? (With Examples)

How long do volleyball shoes last

Volleyball shoes have proven to help players perform better overall, yet they come with a cost! That’s why making sure that they last long enough for the cost they come with is something many recreational players do! Indeed …

A normal pair of volleyball shoes should last at least for a full season, considering they are used 3 up to 5 times a week. However, the length of time such a shoe could last depends on the player, the manufacture as well as whether they were used solely on a wooden soft court or occasionally outside.

In this article, I help you understand the different factors that would help your shoes last longer, as well as some mistakes (you should avoid) that could cause them to deteriorate quickly.

I also give you some useful tips to pick a new pair properly, in case you haven’t got one already.

Most durable Volleyball shoes parts & material…

Volleyball shoes need to have an excellent grip because courts can be slippery, particularly with all the sweet coming off players’ bodies.

They also need to have protective cushioning to absorb the repeated impact of landing from high jumps, and they also need to offer lateral stability.

Volleyball shoes are typically made of nylon which makes the shoes breathable, lightweight yet durable, whilst, at the same time, being stretchable. Most manufacturers are now producing nylon shoes because it is recyclable.

Example: These volleyball shoes for example are made out of the 3 elements I’ve mentioned above. I also have to mention that they are of an excellent quality.

Some shoes are made of synthetic leather which makes certain parts of them more durable. Real leather can be used but this is rare because it is more costly to manufacture, and hence to buy.

Indoor court shoes normally have a sole made of Gum rubber, because it prevents sliding and slipping, and aids traction and balance. However, for playing outside, regular rubber outsoles are a better choice because they can withstand normal wear and tear for a longer time.

Plastic can also be used, especially around the toe area, because it offers protection.

Keep in mind that the most common signs that the volley shoes are starting to deteriorate is when the support around the ankle begins to weaken, and the sole begins to lose traction. As a result, players will notice that they begin to slide around the court quite more.

Most durable volleyball shoes …

Most durable volleyball shoes must absorb all the impacts associated with all the hard landings made in the course of a match. The best shoes provide support, shock absorption and traction.

Although it is not an impact sport, the feet will come in for some heavy pounding during the course of a match, That is why some shoes are made of plastics around the toe area to offer added protection – plastic tends to last longer than softer materials.

The more durable shoes tend to be made of synthetic leathers which are designed to withstand wear and tear and, which nowadays have many of the properties of real leather, but without the associated cost.

Quick Recommendation: In case you are looking for some really durable shoes that you can use at least for a full season, then you can have a look at this quality pair. At least you will get an idea on what quality shoes look like.

How often should you replace your volleyball shoes?

This depends on the frequency of use. And if there is inadequate preventative care – cleaning them when they get dirty, or washing them incorrectly – then this will accelerate the ageing process.

Another guaranteed way to make them wear out is to use them for purposes they were not intended to, such as an impact sport like soccer or hockey, or wearing them outdoors.

However, given all these factors, a good quality pair of volleyball shoes, assuming that somebody lays three or four times a week, should normally be replaced every season.

There is an exception to this rule and that concerns children!

That is because the mid-sole material of a volleyball shoe has to withstand a lot of impacts, it will lose its ability to protect a child’s foot, with adequate support and cushioning.

In such instances medical experts recommend that, even if the bottom sole shows no signs of deterioration, then shoes should be periodically replaced.

Wearing shoes that are past their useful life greatly increases the stress on the foot, leg and related soft tissue and bone structure. And this, in turn, can lead to injuries and means time away from the court.

How to help your volley shoes to last longer?

One way to make volleyball shoes last longer is to invest a little more to start with and buy a good pair made by a reputable manufacturer, with quality materials (Check this example here at Amazon).

The old saying “buy cheap, buy twice” applies equally well in this context as anywhere else. Whilst choosing a cheap pair to start with may initially look like a good idea, it may actually cost money in the long run, because that pair will likely need to be replaced more frequently than a better quality pair.

Volleyball shoes should be kept clean, although putting them in a washing machine is never a good idea. This is because this can result in tears in the material, which will drastically reduce the life of the shoes.

One guaranteed way of accelerating their degradation is to wear volleyball shoes outside, or to sue them for a purpose for which they were not designed. So, it is better to use them only in soft wooden ground to make sure they stay in the best condition possible for a long time.

You can also check these methods to fix and/or customize your volleyball shoes!

How to choose the right volleyball shoes?

All volleyball shoes should have 3 key characteristics:

  • Grip
  • Cushioning
  • And lateral stability

(You can Learn more about the right ways of choosing volleyball shoes)

Volleyball defensive positions require shoes that allow sudden and frequent changes of direction, but provides stability, even when at full stretch.

Experts, therefore, recommend a high-grip outsole allowing for lateral movement, a low profile to aid comfort and speed, and impact shock absorption to offset the potential damage to knees and ankles from all the take-offs and landings involved in the average game.

On the attacking side, whether the role in the team is as a blocker, or a hitter, jumping power is a key criteria for any player. Therefore, shoes need to offer excellent cushioning because the impact of any landing can be the equivalent of up to three times somebody’s own body weight.

Shoes also need to be lightweight, so that people can jump higher with them

They also need to be an excellent fitnot too loose around the toe or sides so they do not slip off, but not so tight that they pinch.

They also need to allow optimal tractionpermitting a player to make quick and sharp reaction moves without there being a danger of slipping.

Final Thoughts …

Even if your budget doesn’t allow to get the highest quality volley shoes out there, I still believe that you can help them last as long as a full season if not more by following the measures I’ve shared in this article …

So you should not worry too much about that!

However, keep in mind that whenever you’ve got the chance in investing in a high quality pair, then be sure that it is definitely worth it. Not a waste of money at all!

Carissa Harmer

Carissa Harmer has over 6 years of volleyball experience between playing the sport at a semi-professional level, following the biggest volleyball teams & leagues out there as well as helping beginners to get started on the right path.

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