Can You Use Volleyball Knee Pads for Basketball? (Solved)

volleyball knee pads

When you practice several sports and disciplines, it is normal to start using specific tools and equipment of a sport in another one! But, can you do this even for protection gear like knee pads? For example by using volleyball knee pads in basketball …

You can do so for regular practice with moderate intensity. However, at the Professional level, players shouldn’t do that, because they need exact specifications in their knee pads that are designed for basketball. Otherwise, they won’t have their knees properly protected against potential shocks.

In this article, I explain the exact differences between knee pads of both sports, so you will make sure to use the right one for the right situation.

How volleyball knee pads should be?

In order to minimize injury, such as peeling the skin off during a slide on the court, getting bruises or open wounds, volleyball players use knee pads for protection.

The basic material for knee pads, on the outside is cloth, any kind of cloth that is strong enough to hold out the pressure of constant rubbing. It can be made from various cloths, ranging from natural, such as wool, to synthetic, such as neoprene.

From the inside the pads are also made from different materials, and these are the main protectors of the knee. The inner part is made out of materials such as:

  • Memory foam
  • Protective gel
  • Synthetic sponges

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In general, volleyball knee pads are crucial for the court, and it is best to wear them safely. By safely I mean by picking the right size first.

To pick the right size you need to measure your knee. First 15cm above the knee, then 15cm below the knee, make sure that it is bent in a 30 degree angle.

Lastly, I highly recommend you checing this guide on choosing the right volleyball knee pads!

How basketball knee pads should be?

Basketball knee pad are designed in a way that cover a bigger area than volleyball knee pad!

It is similar to a knee sleeve, but with added protection for the knee. The area that it covers ranges from the middle upper part of the leg across the knee and to the middle of the shin.

Regarding the materials it is made of, they are the same as volleyball knee pad, which include polyester, neoprene, polyurethane etc.

Basketball Knee pads are made more resilient, indeed …

Basketball has more probability of someone getting hurt on the court than volleyball does. The man to man play is intense and basketball is more aggressive.

Helpful Tip: Basketball knee pads can come in various shapes and sizes which usually makes picking the right size harder. Those Quality Pair provide a great sizing margin and you won’t find them hard to fit.

When you can wear volleyball knee pads for basketball?

When playing basketball one on one or 2v2, 3v3, on concrete or on wood you can use volleyball knee pads with no fear of getting a serious injury, or fear of impacting your skills and style of play.

The main thing to watch out for during a recreational game of basketball, while wearing volleyball knee pads is the right position of the knee pads and their fixation in the right place.

The purpose is to prevent injury. Volleyball knee pads in recreational basketball can help in that, since they provide very nice cushioning.

Can you wear volleyball knee sleeves for basketball?

Unlike knee pads, knee sleeves are universal for sports!

The function of a knee sleeve is more to hold the knee tight and giving it space to function, and less to protect it, like pads do. That does not mean that it has no protective function!

The knee sleeve is there to protect the knee and its surrounding areas, up and down, from skin injury in case some sliding happens on the court.

So basically all kinds of knee sleeves can be used in pretty much any sport. There are also various sizes, like there are for knee pads.

The same knee sleeve can be used for playing basketball and for playing volleyball, without impacting your game.

The materials that knee sleeves are made of are almost the same as the materials used for volleyball knee pads, but there are some differences.

Knee sleeves do not have the cushy parts, the foam and the sponges, instead they are made of synthetic materials that are elastic and comfortable.

Can you wear volleyball knee braces for basketball?

Knee braces are supposed to hold the knee in place, so that it does not slip in one way or another!

Also, knee braces hold the knee tight and are usually recommended by the doctor after a surgery.

There are also sizes of knee braces, but the most distinguishable part is the level of knee braces.

Each level of the knee brace represents the severity of the injury. Level one is the lowest, and three is the highest level.

Naturally the level of the knee braces represents the amount of activity the player can have.

There is no such thing as volleyball knee braces, they are universal, for all users and sportsmen.

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What about knee pads for kids?

Kids sadly do not use protection as they should. Research shows that only 20% percent of kids engaged in sports use protection.

That is where the coaches, their older friends and parents come in. Kids do not understand that they need to wear protection in order to prevent injury.

If they do not wear protection, they are more likely to get injured, well 80% of them are. So it is very important to watch over them and guide them to safety and the rest will come by itself.

Knee pads for kids are basically the same as for adults, but they come in even smaller shapes and sizes, and are made out of all the materials their bigger brothers are made of.

One more important thing is to teach your kid to wear the knee pads properly, in order to maximize efficiency.

For kids, it is important to use specific sport knee pads, otherwise the probability of injury could be quite higher as kids are more vulnerable to injuries than grow men.

How tight should knee pads be for both volley and basketball?

Knee pads need to fit perfectly on the knee first for protection and secondly for comfort.

The knee pad needs to fit nicely so it does not cut of the circulation of the blood. Basically, you need to watch out for it not being too tight or too loose.

If it is too loose it can slip of during an activity and if not careful, you can get hurt but if it is too tight, it can impact your performance on the court.

So knee pads can be your ally if used properly and with care. Better make them a useful ally than a needless friend.

Keep in mind that many players prefer to wear volleyball knee pads low!

Final Thoughts …

Even if you can use volleyball knee pads for other sports like basketball, I still recommend using specific knee pads for each given sport …

Indeed, ensuring maximum protection is crucial and you shouldn’t take such a thing lightly at all. Your protection & safety comes first at all times!

Finally, you can also learn whether you should use volleyball knee pads in a sport like soccer!

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