Can You Use Volleyball Knee Pads in Soccer? (Explained)

can i use volleyball knee pads for soccer

Volleyball and soccer are completely 2 different sports with some similarities. The most important common point is the high rates of knee injuries …

And of course since knee pads are the main protective gear for your knees, many people are wondering whether they can use them for a sport like soccer as well.

In this article I breakdown this topic, hopefully you can find answers to all your questions!

Can you wear knee pads in soccer?

There is no specific rule whether you should, or should not use knee pads during a soccer game or practice, that decision is generally left to the players …

The most common position in soccer to use knee pads is goalie, simply because he slides, jumps, and falls most frequently while trying to catch the ball. Other than that, there is no specific rule on which position can or cannot use knee pads, but again the goalkeeper is the player who use them the most!

Also this is more common amongst amateur soccer players. Indeed, at that level there is no strict control over the used equipment. Usually players wear whatever they want and they get away with it.

Bottom Line, volleyball knee pads should not have any significant impact on your soccer performance. If your league allows that, then you can use them if you feel that you need some extra protection.

Quick Tip: If you are a goalie, then it is Okey to use volleyball knee pads exactly as volleyball players do. However, if you are playing in another soccer position that requires a lot of running and striking, then make sure the knee pads are not too tight so it won’t impact your movement. For example these quality knee pads would definitely help regardless of your soccer position.

Would volleyball knee pads fit well for soccer?

Yes, volleyball knee pads fit for soccer just fine. They may not be perfect, but they have enough capabilities to offer the needed protection.

Volleyball pads are generally smaller than soccer pads, and soccer pads are usually made like a sleeve brace with padding.

Your knee pads for volleyball must be constructed of breathable, moisture-wicking material. A gel or foam shock-absorbing material found in high-quality pads will cover and safeguard your knee.

How soccer knee pads should be?

When choosing knee support, it’s important to keep in mind these 3 things:

  • Sport’s rules
  • Nature of your injury (if any)
  • Level of support you need

Even though you can wear knee pads in the soccer game, there are some rules you need to follow so you can play without distraction.

Soccer socks must completely cover all knee pads. They should also be particularly made of rubber, plastic, or similar material and be able to provide protection.

Ligaments are torn as a result of knee injuries sustained by soccer players. These injuries are not surprising given the amount of running and footwork involved.

Knee pads offer protection by distributing pressure on the knees and avoiding piercing injuries.

You can also learn whether you can use volleyball knee pads for an activity like skating!

Can you use volleyball sleeves for soccer?

Volleyball knee sleeves and those of soccer are not that different. When choosing knee sleeves for soccer, it’s crucial to pick a lightweight and breathable material to not impact soccer most critical movements like shooting or passing the ball.

When you try the pads on they should feel snug but not extremely tight and fit well to the curvature of your legs.

To make sure the foam is comfortable, that it doesn’t slip, and that it isn’t too big behind your knee, try squatting while wearing the pads.

Keep in mind that you can rotate the sleeve from side to side to find the ideal position for your particular knee anatomy. To prevent any needless bruising or floor burns, it is advisable to check the position of your knee sleeves each time before and while playing.

Any volleyball equipment that could be used for soccer?

Besides knee pads and sleeves, there are a couple more pieces of equipment that soccer and volleyball players have in common.

Ankle braces (Check this example) are both used and needed in both volleyball and soccer. Both inward and outward rolling of the ankle must be prevented by the brace.

It’s important to make the right choice because there are numerous types of braces available in a range of costs and efficacy.

Although it should comfortably fit inside your shoe, the brace should be fairly rigid to offer protection.

The majority of braces that effectively guard against further ankle sprains reach up your leg past the ankle joint.

You can choose the ideal custom braces for you with the help of some knowledgeable suggestions from your physiotherapist.

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Final Thoughts …

I am not sure whether this article was useful for your or not. I’ve done my best to try answer your questions!

However, if there is any other thing that’s still causing any confusion, not necessarily about using volleyball gear for a sport like soccer, then you can contact me and address that …

I would be more than happy to help!

Finally, to learn more about the composition of volleyball knee pads, I encourage you to check this helpful article!

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