How Can You Lose Weight During a Volleyball Season? (Solved)

how to lose weight during volleyball season

Volleyball is an aerobic sport that can actually help you not only get in shape, but also significantly lose extra-weight if done properly. Indeed …

During a volleyball season, you can lose up to 30 pounds if not more of extra-weight. This depends on whether you practice the sport as a recreational activity or semi-professional level. This also depends on the frequency of sessions and games where you are practicing.

This article gives you some statistics and practical guidelines that will help you lose extra-weight by practicing volleyball alone.

How much weight can you lose playing volleyball?

If you are playing volleyball at a recreational level, then your expectations should not be the same as if you are doing it at a competitive level.

That’s why here I am breaking this down depending on that …

Recreational level

Playing volleyball recreationally for half an hour can help you burn between 90 and 133 calories, which is between 180 and 266 calories for an hour. Usually a full practice lasts for an hour and a half, so you can do the math …

A full recreational practice can help you lose roughly about 51 grams of body weight.

Now that may not seem as much but, when those grams add up overtime, you might be astonished by the results after several weeks.

Keep in Mind: This won’t be possible unless you implement a healthy and balanced diet and with regular volleyball exercises.

Keep in mind that those grams that we mentioned are just for active volleyball practice. When we add the warm up, or any pre-practice activity to active volleyball playing, the number will be higher.

Competitive level

A competitive, semi-professional or professional volleyball player is expected to be in top form at all times.

It is hard to talk about weight loss when the player is expected to be in good shape, nonetheless let’s give an overview …

Half an hour of a competitive game can help you lose 120 to 178 calories. A full hour of competitive volleyball can help you lose between 240 and 356 calories. Keep in mind that a volleyball game typically lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

During this time there is a possibility to lose between 360 and 534 calories. 534 calories are roughly equal to about 69 grams of body weight.

Presumably competitive level volleyball players usually have five practices a week, so with a healthy lifestyle, you can do the math to have an estimation for a full season.

Helpful Tip: To learn more about the best practices for a healthy volleyball practice, then I highly invite you to check my favorite book in the topic. You will learn the best ways to get the most benefits for your body out of every single volleyball session.

How often should you practice to properly lose weight?

It would generally take 3 to 4 times a week of volleyball practice in order to have an effect on your weight.

If you want to lose a smaller amount of weight over a full season, let us say 5-7 Kgs (11 – 15 pounds), then 3 to 4 times a week should be just fine.

When trying to lose 7-15 Kgs (11 – 33 pounds) over a full season then you should practice almost every day.

Professional players should be in a top shape anyways. However, if they’ve got weight issues, then they generally lose weight easily since they are used to hard practices and they’ve already built up their endurance and stamina.

It is worth mentionning that too much practicing (like 2 times a day, everyday) is one of the main reasons why some volleyball players look skinny!

What would help losing weight more? (indoor or beach volleyball)

Both indoor and beach volleyball can be powerful for your weight loss purposes. When it comes to which one will help you lose weight more, the answer is a little bit complicated.

An indoor volleyball hall can be at times very warm and it can cause much more sweating, but it can also at times be cold, making you focus more on warming up than on losing weight.

Beach volleyball is played outside, when it is warm in the beach. Sometimes it is also played in the rain and wind, but that is quite rare. Beach volleyball can help you sweat more than indoor volleyball which is an important factor for losing a lot of weight.

When we talk about the intensity of the sports, there is no clear winner. Both indoor and beach volleyball are played with high intensity, with a lot of quick moves, explosiveness and action.

They basically have the same endurance and stamina requirements, with some mild differences that can be put aside.

The trick here is that you can play indoor volleyball all year round, while beach volleyball is limited season …

So The winner is indoor volleyball, because it can be played all year round, without any restrictions from due to weather conditions.

Can you play volleyball if you are overweight?

Yes, you can play volleyball if you are overweight as far as the extra weight doesn’t restrict you from moving freely.

If you are having problems with your weight and size then it is best to consider a volleyball practice 2 to 3 times a week and if your stamina and endurance are good enough, then there is no harm in adding one more day.

According to your progression your diet will need to follow. If you have a balanced diet and a good practice schedule, you will be able to play volleyball even if you are overweight and better yet, notice a positive effect overtime.

What is a good diet for a volleyball player?

For a person that engages is any kind of physical activity, in this case volleyball, practice is not enough. You need proper diet to get better results.

A good diet is mostly based on low fat food, lots of vitamins and carbs.

Avoid high amounts of saturated fats such as butter, margarine, palm oil, red meat, cheese and coconut oil as much as you possibly can. Saturated fats, just like trans fats are usually solid at room temperature.

Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats is very important. Saturated fats should however be at a low level of daily intake of nutrients. 5-6% of the recommended intake of the recommended 2000 calories are supposed to be saturated fats. That comes roughly to about 120 calories of saturated fats daily.

For a healthy diet unsaturated fats are the best option. These are usually located in nutty fruits, such as peanuts, or peanut butter, olives and olive oil, corn, canola, sunflowers and sunflower oil, fatty fish such as salmons or mackerel.

White flour and other backed products that are made from white flour are not recommended.

With this type of diet you should lose weight in no time!

Quick Tip: Stop taking sugar for a month and you will notice tremendous results!

How much should you weigh for volleyball?

Volleyball players tend to be tall and lean. They usually have above average height, and as it may seem perfectly matching weight.

The average weight for beach volleyball is 80 Kg (176 pounds) with and average height of 187 cm (6”1). For males the average height is around 195 cm (6”3) and the average weight is 98 Kg (216 pounds).

When it comes to women in beach volleyball, the average height is 178 cm (5”8) and the weight is around 68 Kg (149 pounds).

For indoor volleyball, the overall average height is somewhat similar to that of beach volleyball. The height is around 189 cm (6”2) and the weight stands at around 80 Kg (176 pounds).

For women the height is 182 cm (5”9) and the weight is around 69 Kg (152 pounds), while for men the height stands at around 197 cm (6”4) and 91 Kg (200 pounds).

So if you want to get in good shape for beach volleyball it is best that your weight stands at 80 Kg (176 pounds), while for indoor volleyball it would be best if it was also around 80 Kg. There are always variations, and that is not a big problem if you can manage it effectively.

Final Thoughts …

Overall, I really don’t want you to focus on your weight, generally this won’t help you lose much from a mindset standpoint. Try rather to focus more on practicing volleyball, learning the skills, building your endurance and muscle tolerance …

By doing so, losing weight will be just a by-product and inevitable!

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