Can You Wear Make-Up in Volleyball? (Practical Guide!)

make up in volleyball

Many new players wonder whether it is acceptable to use makeup while playing volleyball. Indeed, some people consider it to be a bad idea as this is not really adapted to a high agility, speed and focus activity like volleyball …

In this article, I share some of the pros & cons of wearing makeup on the court by taking into consideration some important factors such as comfort, safety and ethics.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Wearing makeup in volleyball is a personal preference which is not restricted by the rules.
  • The choice of wearing makeup shouldn’t be taken unless you take into consideration some elements related to your safety and comfort.
  • In case of beach volleyball, this will be more challenging because of elements like sun, sand, salt & wind. More precautions should be taken.

Do volleyball rules allow wearing makeup while playing?

There is nothing in the rules that forbid players from wearing make-up while playing volleyball. In fact, a recent rule change means that juniors are allowed to wear jewelry as well – within reason.

Makeup could be important for some girls (teenagers) as it helps boost self-esteem before matches, which could positively help their performance.

Some people consider makeup like war paint in the Indian culture …

Indeed, American Indians used to apply war paint before going into battle in order to intimidate their enemies … Some people believe that it can have the same effect in the sporting arena.

All in all, rules don’t address this point!

Important Side Note (Tip): If you are looking for something that will actually help your overall performance. Then, I highly recommend using volleyball shoes with proper Cushioning and solid Grip. This will help you jump higher, land safer and change directions quicker. You can have a look at these quality volleyball shoes to get an idea.

Why do volleyball players wear makeup?

As already stated, the primary reason is self-esteem. As the famous Olympic sprinter, Florence Griffith Joyner once said, “Dress good to look good, and look good to feel good.”

This is especially true for teenagers, who, struggling with the various challenges of adolescence, finds that applying make-up before games help boost their confidence, and minimize concerns about their appearance on court.

One more reason could be about protection. There are some kinds of makeup in the market, that is also used to help protect against the sun effects. I assume that most kinds of makeup are more harmful for the skin, especially the cheaper ones.

Some girls, like to use makeup in a way to express their personality, and personal identity. This gives them a sense of meaning of what they are doing.

There are some professional players who are very popular, who opt for wearing makeup because they consider themselves more like a brand and want to always keep their look perfect for the media and for their fans.

Keep in mind that volleyball is often associated with make-up simply because volleyball is considered in general as a fermale sport!

Risks of makeup in volleyball …

Volleyball is a physical sport which means that players tend to sweat a lot! And the combination of sweat and make-up is a poor one when it comes to the underlying skin, significantly increasing the likelihood of spots and pimples.

Foundation, for example, should be avoided when playing, because it tends to clog the pores of the skin, and, when it runs, will look streaky.

Mascara also will only work if it is waterproof. Otherwise, when wiping sweat away, it may streak and make the wearer look like a panda.

Makeup could also cause some sorts of eye irritation, these include mascara, eyeliners and eyeshadow.

It could also cause some kind of distraction for the players, as some kinds of makeup might cause some bad feeling during the game which could distract the player and impact the overall performance.

It is worth mentioning that make-up is definitely not recommended for those playing volleyball under the age of 16!

How long does makeup last?

Make-up can last between 12 and 16 hours a day under normal conditions, although this does depend on the type and quality of the products used.

However, undergoing any sort of intense physical exertion like volleyball inevitably reduces the shelf life – and impact – of any make-up applied, and it may need to be touched up again after playing a tough game of volleyball or participating in an intense practice session.

This is especially true if somebody showers after a game, or just washes their face. Even the most water-proof of cosmetics is liable to streak or smear,

Experts recommend avoiding heavy moisturizers which contain ingredients like the thickening agent dimethicone, because they can lead to clogged pores.

Instead, it may be better to wash the face with a gentle, alcohol-free cleanser, spray it with toner, and then apply a light moisturizer on top.

The time factor also needs to be considered. Applying full make-up can take time and is best done by those who have the leisure to do so. Somebody who has just played a tough game of volleyball is likely to be tired, and the last thing they may feel like doing afterwards is spending hours in front of the mirror.

And, for those playing beach volleyball, there may not be the facilities available to enable a full make-up session to take place.

Therefore, moderation may be the watchword when it comes to volleyball and make-up.

What about beach volleyball?

Like the indoor variety of the game, there is nothing in the rules that prevents a player wearing make-up in beach volleyball …

Indeed, it is recommended that players, whether they are female or male, wear sunblock of some kind, to help protect against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

When choosing appropriate products to wear, users should choose brands that have a high SP (Sun Protection) factor which should be clearly labelled on the tube or bottle.

They should also choose types which are robust enough to stand up against the amount of sweat generated during the average match, and make sure that it does not run into the eyes.

In addition, it should not clog up the pores of the skin.

Sunscreen should also be reapplied regularly as it will lose its efficacy in the course of a match.

The sun is not the only factor that needs to be battled against when playing beach volleyball. The sand, salt and wind can all play havoc with make-up if the right products are not chosen which allows for the conditions.

That is why beauty experts recommend players leave the lipstick behind before games. Not only do they tend to smudge and smear, but they naturally attract sand. And lip glosses bring their own fair share of problems with them as they wear off quickly.

If people want to wear mascara and eyeliner, then again they should invest in waterproof brands, because otherwise one drop of sweat can cause these to run and give rise to the phenomena known as “raccoon eyes”.

They are not the only type of cosmetic products that come in waterproof varieties. Other make-up products like concealer and brow gels also are available in types which will avoid make-up being affected by salt, water or sweat.

Final Thoughts …

In conclusion, it is worth noting that using makeup in volleyball is nothing more than a personal choice. Some players find it really empowering, while others just think it is unnecessary and even uncomfortable …

Well, it is important to prioritize your safety and performance above everything. This will actually make or break your performance in the court.

Just pick what feels right for you and try to always respect your team’s guidelines in this regard.

Carissa Harmer

Carissa Harmer has over 6 years of volleyball experience between playing the sport at a semi-professional level, following the biggest volleyball teams & leagues out there as well as helping beginners to get started on the right path.

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